About Lander Analytics

Company Website: http://www.landeranalytics.com

We are obsessed with R and data analysis. Our team is comprised of leading data scientists, statisticians, university professors, visualizations designers and management consultants. We crunch numbers to help companies navigate data to its greatest potential. Our global clients include large corporations, educational facilities, financial institutions, government agencies and professional sports franchises.

Lander Analytics offers corporate training courses and full-service data consulting.

Corporate training: We teach you the skills you need, the way you wish you had been taught in school. From theoretical statistics and machine learning to applied programming skills, our courses can be modified to fit your organization’s needs.

Data consulting: Offering specific consulting services to all sized organizations in numerous fields with an emphasis on finance, healthcare, technology, politics, retail, sports, food, real estate, education, and marketing.

Areas of expertise: • Data Strategy • Visualization • High-Performance Computing • Hadoop • R • C++ • Python • Stan • Multilevel Modelling • Time Series Analysis • Survey Analysis • Machine Learning • Regularization and Shrinkage • Political Targeting • Disaster Analysis • Marketing • Spatial Analysis and Mapping

Current Openings

Lander Analytics has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.