About LeagueApps

Company Website: http://leagueapps.com

We believe that sport has the power to change lives. Our mission is to deliver amazing sports experiences for anyone anywhere by powering how sports is organized around the world. In the process, we're building an amazing business, as the market opportunity for local sports is larger than all of professional sports - combined.

What's it like to work at LeagueApps? Our culture borrows from the best sports teams in the world: Everyone has a shared commitment to winning, and to each other. Each team member has a role to play and can make a difference, and loves getting better every day. Everyone recognizes the grit required for greatness, and shares your passion, so it never feels like work. We win the right way.

Perks and Benefits
- 401k, Dental, FSA, Healthcare (family), Life Insurance, Vision,

Current Openings

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