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Marjolein Brugman is responsible for bringing the Pilates Method to the mainstream. An accident 10 years ago taught her about the profound benefits of Pilates as she rehabilitated her own hips and watched her life change. Marjolein began her Pilates training in New Mexico, in 1997 and has continued to study and learn about Pilates all over the world. Her dedication to the understanding of postural health and whole body fitness and her vast teacher training has made her the perfect spokesperson for the Pilates Method. She was instrumental in producing the first educational advertising about Pilates in 1995 and has spent the last 9 years demonstrating and educating communities, worldwide via workshops and television. Together with Stamina Products, she has developed affordable Pilates equipment with training videos for home use. The recent launch of her Basic AeroPilates Reformer training through SCW has been received with great enthusiasm by the fitness industry.

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