About Ligon Discovery

Company Website: http://www.ligondiscovery.com

Ligon Discovery's primary technology platform, Small-Molecule Microarrays (SMMs), fundamentally transforms drug discovery by bringing the power of microarrays to target screening. SMMs, developed at Harvard University and the Broad Institute, use a proprietary surface chemistry to attach unmodified chemical collections to a solid surface, enabling massively-parallel screening against protein targets of any function. The scale and scope of SMMs permit a paradigmatic change in drug discovery strategy as entire protein families, molecular pathways, and even genome-wide target sets can be screened in parallel to rapidly identify small molecules with optimal characteristics for drug development. Ligon is applying SMM technology to challenging, novel targets aimed at discovery of first-in-class drugs for oncology and other selected diseases. Ligon Discovery's SMM platform is available for drug discovery collaborations.

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