About LuckyCal

Company Website: http://www.luckycal.com

LuckyCal predicts where you going to be and finds useful and entertaining things for you to do while you're there. LuckyCal uses multiple sources of information -- including your calendar -- to figure out where you're going to be in the future. It reduces each event it finds down to a geographic location: a latitude and longitude. By examining additional sources of data, such as your iTunes, Facebook, Last.FM interests, contacts from Outlook, GMail and Facebook, LuckyCal creates a personalized "Trip View" for you. This trip view show you bands that you're interested in seeing that are playing where you'll be on your trip. It surfaces additional friends that live near where you're flying to. LuckyCal is even more useful in a business environment: It allows you to maximize travel efficiency by surfacing opportunies -- in the form of customer and prospective customers -- in the context of every trip you plan. And it integrates with you calendar so you don't have to any additional work to gain its advantages.

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