About MAG Sourcing

Company Website: http://www.magsourcing.com

MAG Sourcing is a global product sourcing agency on a mission to help companies more efficiently source and manufacture products at scale. Our services include factory sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and price negotiation. Each of our clients are paired with their own dedicated sourcing team based in Hong Kong to help dramatically reduce costs, improve quality, and increase visibility for our clients. Our goal is to make it easier to source products, cost less to manufacture, decrease defect rates, and give teams the ability to scale through a full-time & dedicated team overseas. We are very focused on improving the user experience for sourcing so customers get complete visibility into their orders.MAG Sourcing makes it simpler, faster, and cheaper for small & medium sized businesses to develop and manufacture products overseas. We offer fast quotes, lower prices, improved visibility and a dedicated team to handle all your sourcing needs.

Current Openings

MAG Sourcing has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.