About MedText

Company Website: http://medtextapp.com

Founded in 2013, MedText is a New Jersey-based healthcare logistics platform company committed to closing the loop between patients, providers, specialists and institutions that exists today. Every person on our team is on the front lines of healthcare, be they on the physician side or the technology side. MedText is the culmination of what our team lives every day. It is the solution that connects the disconnected in both provider / patient relationships and disparate technologies in the healthcare system. We know change is hard. We understand the pressure everyone in healthcare is under to deliver the best patient care at the best cost. We bring simplicity and results to an industry overwhelmed by having to choose one solution to solve a number of challenges. Our humble vision is to lead the industry in a positive way, respecting providers’ and institutions’ investments in EMR solutions by providing an unobtrusive, one-click portal that automates and closes gaps in the patient referral process.

Current Openings

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