About MedText

Company Website: http://medtextapp.com

At MedText, we are a small team of developers, doctors, product managers, process builders, and salespeople, who are excited about helping people in the healthcare space! Specifically, we help healthcare providers manage the way they receive and get patients through the door with a combination of proprietary cloud tool and workflow improvements. What this means is: healthcare providers survive and thrive through the current storm of changes in the industry today, and patients enjoy better quality care. If you want to help the people who care for patients, then join us! MedText is a real-time lead management solution for physicians. It enables doctors to instantly send leads to one another through a text message initiated secure link system or our web portal. MedText is safe, simple and secure. Most importantly, MedText lets doctors discover the potential non-compliant patients who never called to schedule an appointment. This means more patients get to the services their doctors recommended and receive the care they needed.

Current Openings

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