About Mentor Collective

Company Website: http://www.mentorcollective.org

Shearwater is an international mentorship and cultural integration support network.

Mission Our mission is to support unprecedented growth and success among international students.

Shearwater aims to:

  1. Empower students with the skills necessary for social and academic success
  2. Recruit the world's most successful and inspiring Mentors
  3. Provide transparency to oversea parents
  4. Enable schools to better serve their international communities

Description Shearwater helps schools, international students, and parents understand and overcome the challenges of international education through personalized advisory services. As major proponents of study abroad, Shearwater’s founders have developed a mentorship program that allows each participant to get the very most out of their study abroad experience.

Study abroad involves the inherent cultural dislocation of attending school in a foreign country at a young age. Shearwater works to help students overcome and learn from cultural and social discomfort, meet the challenges that confront them in an unfamiliar setting, and achieve personal growth and success. Shearwater was founded on the idea that every challenge is an opportunity to learn, knowing that few experiences are as academically, emotionally, and socially challenging as study abroad.

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