About Mersive

Company Website: http://www.mersive.com

Mersive products provide knowledge workers with access to simple affordable visual display systems that foster interaction, facilitate decision making and cultivate creativity. Mersive is the outgrowth of academic research conducted by Christopher Jaynes, PhD and Stephen Webb that was funded by DARPA, DHS and NSF in the early 2000s. Coming from advanced computer science backgrounds, Jaynes and Webb broke new technological ground solving various problems related to video surveillance, human-computer interaction, and display technologies. After several years of research and several patent approvals, Jaynes and Webb raised venture capital to form Mersive in 2006 as the vehicle for commercializing their technological breakthroughs. Since then, Mersive has produced market-changing products. Solstice software creates your Pixel Landscape enabling wireless visual data sharing from any device to any display.

Current Openings

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