About Metromile

Company Website: http://www.metromile.com

On the off chance you've thought about insurance, it's likely because you've insured something you love, not because you loved your insurance company. Metromile is out to change that. We’re a car insurer using data science and machine learning to build a community of drivers who come for the savings and stay for the experience. With technology at our core, we’re reimagining insurance to make it fairer and actually delightful. We’re obsessed with savings, service, and creating features -- street sweeping alerts, monthly mileage summaries, fuel trackers and more -- that engage a customer all along their journey. Through our Enterprise unit, we license our innovative Customer Experience, Fraud Detection, and AI platform to insurers around the globe. And, as the only insurer with 100% continuous telematics and a first of its kind AI-driven virtual claims system, we’re well positioned to play a key role in the future of mobility ecosystem. We’re a diverse team that combines the best of Silicon Valley technology experience with veterans from leading Fortune 500 insurers. This management structure ensures that we’re as equally focused on loss ratios, unit economics and profitability as on customer experience and technology innovation. With offices in San Francisco, Tempe, and Boston, we’re growing quickly and hiring across the organization. Metromile has raised approximately $291 million in funding (Series A through E) and are backed by top tier Silicon Valley Investors including NEA, Index and First Round Capital.

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