About MicroVision

Company Website: http://www.microvision.com

MicroVision is a world leader in the innovation of a new generation of display technology that brings enhanced visibility to the world of mobility. The MicroVision PicoP display technology packs an incredible amount of engineering and advanced capability into a tiny package that not only let's people think outside of the box but see outside of the box as well. As an embedded solution, the MicroVision PicoP display technology is really the kernel of an idea that grows and develops from the imagination and innovation of OEMs that want to give their customers new and enhanced ways to view and share information whether for business collaboration, personal entertainment, driver safety or in whatever way their imaginations take them. To facilitate bringing products to market across all of the industries and markets that can benefit from enhanced mobile displays, MicroVision licenses its patented technology to companies that develop and manufacture high tech components and end user products. Headquartered in Redmond, WA just outside of Seattle, MicroVision is part of the conclave of high technology leaders based here. MicroVision has deep roots in this Northwest corner of the US going back to the laboratories of the University of Washington, but it has a global outlook as well. MicroVision works with companies around the world to bring its revolutionary PicoP display technology to market. The talent at MicroVision comes from many nations demonstrating how the best and brightest in engineering and business thinking can produce powerful, ground breaking solutions that change the way people experience and interact with information.

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