About Mimoco

Company Website: http://www.mimoco.com

Founded in 2005, Mimoco is a Boston-based design house. Mimoco is known for their flagship collection of MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives. Leading a revolution in the personalization of digital devices and data storage, MIMOBOT is the world’s original and premier brand of character-based USB flash memory drives. MIMOBOT takes the standard boring old flash drive and spins it on its head. Combining our love of gadgets, designer toys, and all things pop-culture, MIMOBOT is a hi-tech piece of art and an expression of your tastes, interests, and personality. From Star Wars, DC Comics, Hello Kitty and Transformers, to designers like tokidoki and FriendsWithYou, to our very own Core Series characters, and Design Challenge creations, Mimoco has you covered, whatever your passion may be! In addition to being the coolest flash drives you've ever seen, MIMOBOT drives are also incredibly functional: Available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities, MIMOBOT flash drives are the best way to transport and store all your docs, pictures, tunes, and other personal data! Compatible with Macs and PCs, and hi-speed USB 2.0, your MIMOBOT flash drive also comes pre-loaded with Mimory and MimoDesk personalization suite of wallpapers, icons, screensavers, avatars, and more exclusive character-based content. But to find out the real origin story of MIMOBOT flash drives, you have to be willing to travel way beyond the Milky Way to Planet Blõôh in Galaxy 4210.

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