About Mirador Real Estate

Company Website: http://www.miradorrealestate.com

Mirador has a unique business model that partners with property owners to smoothly and effectively facilitate faster turn over, decrease vacancy rates, and optimize rent rolls in their portfolios. Mirador offers a wide variety of products ranging from on-site services to tenant screening, unit pricing, occupied unit showings, lease breaks and assignments, and current tenant relations, as well as marketing and brand consulting. We have a vast client base that includes thousands of potential renters and buyers who have worked with our representatives in the past, and have become raving fans.

The brokerage arm is comprised of highly trained, seasoned agents, lead by an industry veteran. We provide an extra layer of care and accessibility that superintendents, management company staff, and exiting tenants simply don’t have the time for. Our partnerships give us a unique opportunity to bring properties to market that agents and clients in the New York City market would not normally have access to. We welcome and are excited about working together with the New York City real estate community that we have helped build and contributed to in our careers over the past decade. Feel free to call or write us day and night for showings, support, and questions.

Current Openings

Mirador Real Estate has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.