About Mulberry

Company Website: https://getmulberry.com

Mulberry is a venture-backed insurance technology company that is transforming how insurance is offered at the point of sale by enabling e-commerce retailers to offer a best-in-class consumer warranty program with minimal resource overhead. The company was founded in NYC by a team of executives with a strong background in delivering seamlessly integrated financial services online. We are passionate about creating a platform that not only drives revenue for retailers but also significantly improves the consumer warranty experience. So, you may be asking "Why Mulberry?"​ or "Why does my business need this?"​ Here's our short answer: Extended warranty programs have emerged as the key profit driver for many big-box retailers, often accounting for 40% of their profit margin. With that in mind, Mulberry provides a plug-and-play solution allowing all retailers the chance to get in on the action. Your next question: "How does Mulberry work?"​ Our technology revolutionizes what once was an entirely manual process by creating a completely self-serve application powering extended warranties at the point of sale. Interested? Want to know more? Contact us via our website for more details: https://getmulberry.com/

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