About Musement

Company Website: http://musement.co

Musement provides information and services around museums, archaelogical sites and opera theatres around the world and the possibility to purchase advance tickets to all such venues and events in one place. Outside of the US, many venues do not offer the possibility to purchase tickets online, and even those who do still do not solve some customer issues: Customers who want to purchase tickets for X venues have to browse X websites/apps, fill-in X forms with credit card data, etc. Customers can search the web for info and tickets for venues they already know, but once they have reached the venue's website they will not be presented with similar options which might be relevant for their interests and the cities they plan to visit In many markets, the lack of online ticket sales fosters the proliferation of unofficial, "grey market" resellers which sell tickets at inflated prices Musement targets such issues by: 1. providing "one website" (and, in the future, one app) with access to all museums, sites and opera theatres and the possibility to purchase all tickets with a single cart/customer profile; providing information and pertinent suggestions per city/traveller type, thus promoting the discovery of "hidden gems" alongside "obvious" venues negotiating and signing official partnership agreements with all venues presented on its platform

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