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Company Website: http://www.nipendo.com

Cloud supplier network platform that streamlines Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) interactions between enterprises and their suppliers across all spend categories and all supplier base, making all P2P processes automated, touch-free and error-free and reducing over 85% of human labor, automating all rote decision making and off-loading discrepancy resolution. Nipendo is the world first RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform for purchase-to-pay + A&F processes automation, which is modular, highly flexible, proactive and responsive to compliance rules and process logic, resulting with unparalleled supplier adoption rate of 90% plus, massive process improvements and savings, touch-free and error-free P2P + A&F process. Nipendo platform is built to help enterprises Extend, Scale and Automate their P2P processes: - Extend: Keep existing P2P processes while enabling your suppliers to participate in your enterprise processes seamlessly without changing their existing processes - Scale: On-board hundreds/thousands of suppliers in weeks/months, simply and rapidly great user experience - Automate: Smart-Bots replace cubical work, automating decision making, eliminating administration and manual processing Nipendo Supplier Cloud is used by leading organizations across industries, including multinationals such as KLA Tencor, Kodak Alaris, the world largest chip manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Amdocs, CheckPoint and many others.

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