About NPC Global Corp


  • packaging company, distributor of packaging materials (everything, low end user who needs cardboard boxes, end individual users using bubble wrap and cardboard boxes), major corporations buy and sell ot users

  • distributor (shrink wrap, packaging tape, manufacturing on their own, not just on their own, factories overseas (not even their factories) -- )

  • sell to Macy, Staples, Bloombindales, Footlocker, UPS, FEDEX, H&M,

  • started over 30 years ago as just a paper company and then went to packaging

  • 15 locations (distribution centers) which has helped in hurriane sandy which allowed them to differentiate because of multiple distribution point
  • import to closer to location hubs and then ship out to customers
  • owner
  • company: <50 employees, grow to sales team (bring on 10 more outside sales people), looking for very specific sales people:

SALES PEOPLE: - HUNGRY, not just driven by money, driven by success - TRI-STATE: NYC, NJ, CT, PENNSYLANVIA - FULL TIME REMOTE -- $600 per week ($2400), 30k a year + 8% for first 18 months - COMP PLAN: - FULL FAMILY & HEALTH BENEFITS, NO DENTAL + VISION


  • inside sales & goes to see customers
  • 8 reps total: top tier 600k, two years 180k, 2-3 years (150k thousand), first year
  • Connie Spronei

started only-commission, and didn't work comission + base, pitched it so well that owner went with it and choose commission + structure

jewish orthodox company 15% of base salary

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