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Since its inception, OakNorth Holdings has secured $576m ($455m primary) from several investors, including: GIC, Coltrane, Clermont Group, NIBC, EDBI of Singapore, Toscafund, and Indiabulls.The group was founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, themselves entrepreneurs who were inspired to launch it following the challenges they faced in securing debt finance from high street banks for their previous business, Copal Amba (which scaled to c.3,000 employees and was acquired by Moody’s Corporation in 2014).The group's mission is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to obtain the debt finance they need to grow. Its fintech platform, OakNorth Analytical Intelligence, was developed to address this problem and is being used by a number of leading banks around the world, and in the UK via its own balance sheet lending. In the UK, OakNorth has lent over £2bn to businesses without a single default to date, and its loans have directly helped with the creation of over 8,500 new homes and over 8,000 new jobs.