About Octoly

Company Website: http://octo.ly

At Octoly, we think traditional advertising is dead. Smart brands don’t buy traditional media formats anymore! Instead, they’re all starting to leverage the voice and power of hundreds of real-life influencers. This is why we created our “Free Store”, a marketplace where thousands of YouTube and Instagram fans can get free products from the best and most innovative brands, in exchange for honest reviews. Key facts - in a little less than 2 years : > We’re already the #1 influencer marketplace worldwide in terms of product placements - heading towards 100,000 reviews annually > We have launched in 3 countries (US, FR, ES), with 120 awesome clients on the supply side (Estée Lauder, L’Oréal Group, Sephora, Clarins…), and over 5,000 active creators on the demand side > We have built a team of 40 awesome people from France, Spain, Canada, the UK and the US > We have closed 2 funding rounds with top-tier VCs and received a sizable grant from the EU for our unique positioning and excellence in operations > We're opening up in new countries soon...

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