About Offline Media

Company Website: http://www.get-offline.com

Offline is a leading O2O technology platform that gives people instant access to the best events and experiences in their city, curated daily. Our mission is to help people fall in love with their city and their life. Using proprietary technology and a human touch, we identify the best things to do in a city, editorialize them, and deliver them to our users’ pockets faster than any company in the world. With 100% of our audience visiting Offline to decide how to spend their time and money, we can create beautiful and highly-effective campaigns for our advertising partners that reach consumers at the moment of decision and drive ROI. We've started with mid-market cities (Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and Nashville) and a well-defined target demographic that we can monopolize while learning quickly. In Raleigh and Charlotte, our analytics show that 1 in 3 iPhone-carrying, college-educated millennial women are now Offline members, with Nashville following quickly. Offline has generated incredible engagement and retention while operating lean, and we are now actively seeking partners and growth capital.

Current Openings

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