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Account Executive

SF Bay Area - San Francisco Full Time

Omni gives you access to thousands of rentable bikes, drones, surf & ski gear, tools, cameras, event furniture and supplies, and more. Interested in helping build a world of access over ownership? Join our team! #LiveLighter

Job Description

The Account Exec role at Omni is an opportunity to grow the crux of this supply – the partners who make an array of inventory, rentals, and experiences possible on Omni. We’re looking for someone who's a natural at building relationships and has a passion for working with owners across our newest cities. You’ll build bridges with a number of entrepreneurs, help them learn about how Omni connects them with consumers, and negotiate a favorable and fair share across our partnerships.

Your primary focus will be to launch and onboard new businesses that fit our selective partnership criteria. Additionally, you will ensure that your onboarded partners are driving maximum impact via optimized inventory, online/offline marketing, and training/engagement where needed. This role will require both inside and outside sales, emailing, cold calling, and face-to-face meetings.

This is our first sales hire, with the potential to lead growth on our sales teams in the future.


  • Identify and persuade the best partners in your sales territories to join Omni’s marketplace
  • Communicate with prospects persistently via email, phone, and face-to-face meetings
  • Create partnerships by smoothly onboarding partners to help them achieve their goals
  • Achieve and consistently exceed quarterly sales and support goals
  • Maintain strong existing partnerships with our current supply partners
  • Develop and support best practices to playbook our 2019 and 2020 sales
  • Collaborate with members of our Growth and Engagement team to define and execute partner marketing and optimization activities
  • Help refine Omni’s local market launch and onboarding strategy


  • 2+ years of experience in sales, account management, or a similar client-facing role
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability to follow through while paying close attention to detail
  • Strong familiarity with professional software and relationship management tools, e.g. Google Docs, Salesforce, Docusign, etc.
  • Coachability, interest in implementing feedback, and dedication to consistent improvement