About OpenSpace

Company Website: http://www.openspace.ai

Affordable housing crises, outdated infrastructure, aging power grids: these are massive, pressing problems facing our country, and the world. But we’re not facing them down as fast as we should - in part because we haven’t provided the men and women in construction with the same powerful tools to manage their work that office workers take for granted. It’s time to change that. At OpenSpace, we’re using cutting-edge technology - think the perception and navigation AI systems you see in self-driving cars - to allow people who work out in the real world to efficiently capture their work, analyze it, and get things done. We’re building time machines for the job site. If we can reduce the cost, time (and pain) it takes to build by even a couple percent, we will absolutely revolutionize our approach to construction, and revolutionize how we manage humanity’s built environment overall. And we can do a lot better than a couple percent.

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