About Opentopic

Company Website: http://www.opentopic.com

Opentopic’s Cognitive Content Marketing powered by IBM Watson, supercharges your content marketing for predictable and effective results.

Based in NYC, with an office in Paris, Opentopic delivers cognitive content marketing powered by IBM Watson. Funded by early angel investors, its founders and True Global Ventures, Opentopic proudly serves innovative clients such as: Comcast NBC Universal, Pitney Bowes, Vinci Construction, Gust, Load Impact and Credibly.

Unlike most computing systems and technologies that are built on blind logic and rules, IBM Watson uses a cognitive framework to achieve expertise over a given subject. Watson interprets data to expose patterns, connections and insights - to make working with content more efficient.

And now, Opentopic is bringing the smartest brain in the world to the CMO's office.

Simply put, with the prescriptive insights generated by Cognitive Content Marketing, marketers will be able to create more precise, authentic and accurate content marketing campaigns for every target audience to achieve results that surpass expectations and investments.

To learn more, visit www.opentopic.com, follow our company page on LinkedIn, and find us tweeting @Opentopic.

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