About Oragenics

Company Website: http://www.oragenics.com

We are a biopharmaceutical company focused primarily on oral probiotics products and novel antibiotics for humans and companion pets. Within oral health we are commercializing our patented probiotic blend, ProBiora3 specifically formulated for oral health both under our branded Evora line and in private label configurations. Currently we have sales or contracts to sell these products in over 15 countries around the world. Our recent partnership with Intrexon in the field of Lantibiotics, a largely overlooked class of extremely potent gram-positive antibiotics, will help us to develop our pharmaceutical product candidate, MU1140-S and additional antibiotics from the Lantibiotic class for therapeutic use. The focus on the probiotic area will be to grow sales through a variety of channels including internet sales and the professional channel (dentists and hygienists) as well as through private label and bulk sales of our patented ProBiora3 blend. We intend to look for opportunities to expand our health claims for these products through a range of clinical studies. We are also looking at novel and convenient new delivery systems for our probiotics, which we plan to commercialize in the near future. In 2011 we received the Frost and Sullivan Award for excellence in probiotics. This was a competitive award that placed us as a leader in the probiotic space.

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