About OwnerIQ

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ownerIQ is the @InmarInc Data and Media Plaform focused on leading the data market’s evolution towards transparency, relevancy and choice. ownerIQ brings the most valuable consumer data to market– explicit shopping and purchasing data from retailers and brands– to power a new data economy: The Second-Party Data marketplace. Second-party data is sourced transparently from the marketing partners a brand is already working with, or brands that share data with non-competitive brands in exchange for compensation. This new market provides better quality data inputs to power all marketing tactics, and enabling fundamentally new marketing tactics, such as enabling a brand’s retail partners to leverage the brand’s data to support sell-through. Voted Best Data Management Platform by Digiday, ownerIQ directly ingests data on consumer engagement with a brand’s website, e-commerce transactions, off-line transactions and CRM data and enables that data to be shared with marketing partners within platform according to the brand’s preferences regarding security and usage. Over 1,500 partners are active in ownerIQ’s second-party platform and 700 of these partners share their data with other brands. Additionally, over a thousand of these partners are buyers of second-party data using it to activate media and drive marketing outcomes. In 2017 ownerIQ was named to the the Inc. 5000, received Digiday’s Signal Award for Best Data Management Platform and was recognized by The Boston Business Journal as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies. ownerIQ was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Boston, MA and has offices in NYC, Chicago and Seattle.

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