About PatientPay

Company Website: http://www.patientpay.com

Founded in 2008, PatientPay recognized that there were simpler ways for patients to pay their bills and for physicians to collect them. It saw that what was commonplace at retail and in e-commerce hadn't been done for the healthcare industry and those it served. With headquarters in Durham, NC, the nexus of information and healthcare technology, PatientPay set out to develop an online payment process that could be instantly integrated with existing practice management systems used by most physician practices, hospitals and institutions across the United States. In 2011, the company launched its flagship product, a secure, cloud-based service that drives down expense by eliminating the labor-intensive and error-prone manual, back-end effort to process paper bills or payments made on traditional online portals. In 2012 PatientPay was granted three patents (U.S. Patent No. 8,155,983, 8,204,764 and 8,214,233) for its innovative process that underpins the PatientPay service and permits 'Instant Integration' with all popular physician management and billing systems. This had accelerated PatientPay becoming a leader in the healthcare payments arena. The company's customer base of practice management providers continues to assist PatientPay in its mission of helping to make the financial side of healthcare easier for both patients and providers alike.

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