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We are Pinnacle, innovators in the Smart Grid industry. Pinnacle was formed to help utilities better understand and create actionable intelligence from the exponentially increasing volumes of Smart Grid data, which some refer to as the data tsunami. In the next decade, utilities will spend up to $300 per customer to manage the 75 terabytes of new data produced by smart devices. We are a software company that sits astride the present world of IT solutions and the new world of intelligent devices, devices that play an increasingly critical role in our daily personal and business lives. This world is rapidly evolving and creating a whole new generation of opportunities for our clients to improve their current operations as well as create completely new services and products. We are expert architects who have designed award winning solutions for our clients. We can improve our customer care operations by focusing on the basics - cost effective business solutions that raise the bar on performance by collecting and utilizing disparate sources of data in new innovative ways. We are a team of experts from different backgrounds. This allows us to operate on both sides of any business operation. As a leading edge product development company, we are at the forefront of the rapidly growing world of machine to machine and machine to business computing that is set to transform our personal and business lives in the years ahead. Our award winning technology is already starting to change the way our customers perceive customer intelligence. We are also leaders in the development of the new technology needed to successfully integrate the current IT solutions footprint with new and exciting technologies such as intelligent home and business devices capable of so much more than their progenitors. At our heart, we are innovators, and it is our passion to use these abilities to serve our clients' day-to-day needs while engaging with them in discerning new ways in which they can succeed in their respective markets.

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