About Porch

Company Website: http://porch.com

Founded in 2012 as an online home improvement network, Porch has grown into the industry leading partner for the home by connecting homeowners with qualified professionals. Focused on assisting customers at every stage of the “home journey” – including moving in, installations, assembly, repairs, and ongoing maintenance – last year alone, the company facilitated over 2 million home-related projects, generating almost $1 billion in revenue for small business owners and sole proprietors in specialty areas such as plumbing, roofing, electrical work, carpentry, and more. Headquartered in Seattle's up-and-coming SODO district, Porch is a growing team of 450+ team members who love what we do and where we work. We know that anything is possible with the right mix of smart, friendly, and dedicated folks and we believe great products are built through focused problem-solving, "no jerks, no egos"​ teamwork, and authentic innovation.

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