About QPID Health

Company Website: http://qpidhealth.com

QPID Health 's clinical insights software solution is built on the QPID platform, originally developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital to make it easier for clinicians to get value from the patient information stored in electronic health records. The company addresses the urgent need to generate value from the huge investment made in EHRs and the growing mass of electronic clinical data. QPID is EHR agnostic, and automatically delivers context-sensitive information from patient records into point of care and care planning workflows. QPID drives higher clinician productivity and more informed care decisions, for improved patient outcomes and lower costs. The QPID platform uses natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and a library of thousands of clinical concept searches designed to retrieve digests of clinical information that match how a clinician thinks. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Michael Zalis and Dr. Mitch Harris, QPID is based in Boston and backed by Matrix Partners, Partners Innovation Fund, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization and Cardinal Partners.

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