About Qteros

Company Website: http://www.qteros.com

Qteros (www.qteros.com) is committed to delivering innovative process technologies for clean transportation fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a price competitive with gasoline. The Company is currently in the process of scaling up a unique microbial solution for the highly-efficient and cost-effective conversion of non-food biomass into clean transportation fuel. The Company’s patented Q Microbe system converts a wide array of cellulosic biomass directly into ethanol in a single streamlined process, thereby consolidating enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation, largely eliminating costly exogenous enzymes and associated pretreatments, and greatly simplifying the entire production process. This process is commonly referred to as consolidated bio-processing. Qteros’ scientists and business team are dedicated to producing liquid fuels to achieve a sustainable solution to the world’s growing energy needs. Qteros has been funded by some of the leading investors in the alternative energy industry including, among others, Venrock Associates, Battery Ventures, BP Technology Ventures, Soros Fund Management LLC, and Valero Energy Corporation.

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