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Company Website: https://www.quaero.com

Quaero - Helping enterprises harness complex customer data Quaero accelerates data driven teams as they transform disconnected customer data into energized assets. We have packaged nearly two decades of experience into Quaero’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) delivering a turnkey solution for monetizing customer data from any source - digital or offline. We deliver persistent 360° views of customer data to support key use cases for clients across multiple industries including Retail, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Media, and Health Care. Quaero is purpose-built for end users who live and breathe data on a daily basis. Marketers and Data-As-A-Product teams use our platform to source and activate information from across their enterprise, turning their unique customer knowledge into bottom line outcomes. We release their data scientists, analysts, and engineers from time-consuming data cleansing chores, enabling them to focus on delivering powerful segmentations, predictive models, and concrete additions to the company’s data balance sheet. The Quaero CDP enables fully automated data management unified by a state of the art identity resolution engine. Standard connectors, no-code configurations, and privacy-by-design ensure functional and technical team members work jointly in a seamless, secure customer data environment rapidly deployed in your preferred cloud or internal infrastructure. Quaero’s Customer Data Platform compresses the time, cost, and risk of building strategic assets while keeping fast moving teams compliant and in firm control of their proprietary data resources.

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