About Ranker

Company Website: http://www.ranker.com

Ranker is a Quantcast Top 50 and growing (30+million monthly uniques) site that doubles as a consumer sentiment data-analysis machine. To consumers, Ranker is a fun, engaging site that empowers them to vote their opinions across deep rankings of things they are passionate about, but from a business point of view, Ranker is a first party data collection engine. Ranker’s platform crowdsources the most credible answers (validated against traditional polling) to over 100,000 opinion-based questions rankings ranging from the best board games to the funniest TV shows ever. 10% of Ranker’s visitors vote on lists like these, 10% of Ranker’s visitors vote on lists like these, and this data not only builds the best possible rankings on the topic, but also has built an opinion graph with 50 million edges (ie “People who like the show Modern Family have a 7.4X higher than average affinity for dining at Panera Bread”). This graph is the most precise on the web in entertainment and food/beverage and has been successfully used to optimize ad spend on Facebook’s Audience Insights platform beyond Facebook’s targeting suggestions, among other uses. This data collected from millions of voters is also uniquely qualified to power or inform media recommendations (movies, TV, music).

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