Company Website: http://www.redbooks.com

REDBOOKS is the top-awarded sales intelligence tool to identify, sell and engage with Marketing Decision Makers (Brands and Agencies). With over 100 years in the industry and formerly a division of LexisNexis, REDBOOKS was spun out in 2010 and has been tirelessly innovating ever since. We deliver actionable data to our clients through the REDBOOKS platform (and via Email, Salesforce and Slack alerts) – to create an exceptional user experience. With direct contacts, agency-brand relationships and real-time insights from 1.2 million sources, the world of marketing decision makers is always at your fingertips. In 2018, REDBOOKS was acquired by Winmo, bringing together two best-in-breed technologies to provide an unmatched level of B2B sales intelligence for the advertising & media industry.

Current Openings

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