About Resolute Innovation

Company Website: http://resolute.ai

Our mission is to make your search experience easy, dynamic and empowering, through a user-friendly interface and developer-friendly APIs. Resolute is the proven solution for search and analytics for research and development. Leading organizations like Honeywell, Syngenta, Takeda, Estee Lauder, and Stanford University choose Resolute to search for millions of documents each day. Our search solutions help the most innovative business and research teams create powerful, effective and intuitive search experiences for their users and developers. Using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, we can automatically tag, categorize, record-link and ingest your internal data into an AI-powered search engine instantly. Our out-of-the-box data products accelerate your research journey with a single global search portal. We provide access to millions of documents representing technology transfer opportunities, startups, journal publications, patents, grants and much more, all related to your internal data through similarity-based recommendations. Demand more from your data. Find what you're missing at resolute.ai. Founded in 2015, we're backed by Revolution LLC. The team is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Washington D.C. and Seattle.

Current Openings

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