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Say goodbye to your typical round of 10% maybe-its juice, heavily processed bar mixers. Sionara, unpronounceable shelf stabilizing preservatives. PEACE, flavorless liquids of questionable origin. Now say hello to RIPE. We are the world's first Craft Juicery, and we are here to change the way you experience your bar mixer, juice, maybe even your LIFE, for the better. At RIPE, we strive to create premium juices that are so fresh, so delicious, that one taste is all it takes to make you a believer. We work to bring you the best bar mixers and juices out on the market today by using the unique process of cold-pressing and high pressure processing premium fruits and veggies in our custom-designed facility. Why go through all the trouble just to make juice, you ask? Because we respect the cocktail and the juice. We want to maintain the freshness and beautiful flavor profile you'd expect from a home made juice, without the muss and fuss of having to do it yourself. We want to be the game changers of the beverage industry. Say hello to RIPE. The nation's first cold-pressed, HPP craft juices.