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Business Development Representative (AKA "Employer Partnerships Lead")

Greater New York City Area Full Time

RippleMatch uses artificial intelligence to connect companies to the most promising early career candidates across the country. Using machine learning across millions of interactions combined with rich employer and candidate profiles, RippleMatch provides early career candidates with an unbeatable candidate experience and ensures companies are getting matched with the best candidates possible. Whether an employer is trying to engage more first generation college students, improve the racial or gender diversity of their team, or make their first technical hire, RippleMatch removes geographic barriers and pinpoints a company's ideal candidates, connecting early career candidates with amazing job opportunities in the process. Since launching from a college dorm room, RippleMatch has grown to more than 50,000 active users, raised nearly $5 million in funding, and brought on some of the most exciting companies in the country as customers.

Job Description

We are hiring a business development representative (BDR) to set up meetings with target customers and help our account executives win new business. Core components of your job would include conducting market research to figure out the best way to win new accounts, setting up meetings with high-value leads, figuring out how we can add the most value for each opportunity, and collaborating with the broader sales team. Our BDR role is the jumping off point for a career at RippleMatch, and success in this position will serve as the basis for progression into more senior sales and operations roles within the company.


A Successful BDR:

  • Listens carefully and intuitively understands the needs of potential customers

  • Loves people and thrives at articulating ideas and building relationships quickly

  • Hates to lose and prides themselves on succeeding in everything they do

  • Communicates well, whether using phone or email

  • Constantly seeks to improve and welcomes coaching and feedback

  • Radiates optimism and bounces back from setbacks

  • Wants to make the world a better place and cares about connecting candidates with the right job


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • The ability to stay focused for extended periods of time

  • The ability to prioritize and stay organized

  • Previous sales experience is a plus, but not required