About ROLI

Company Website: http://roli.com

ROLI is a London-based music creation startup. In 2013 it launched the Seaboard, its multi-award-winning instrument. The Seaboard remodels the piano keyboard as a pliable silicone surface that responds to touch, opening up new possibilities for musical expression. The Seaboard is sold in several models including the Seaboard RISE 25, Seaboard RISE 49, and Seaboard GRAND. These instruments are part of ROLI's Connected Music ecosystem, which includes a range of hardware and software products. Equator, its software synthesizer and sound engine, helps musicians create multidimensional sounds on the Seaboard. Blend, the cloud-based social platform, lets music-makers share and remix tracks with anyone in the world. JUCE, the leading C++ framework for audio applications, provides the building blocks for Equator and many other applications. NOISE is a free iOS app that turns iPhones and iPads into musical instruments. ROLI products are now sold in over 15 countries. The company has offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

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