About Roomer

Company Website: http://www.roomertravel.com

Roomer is the marketplace for travel, connecting travelers who are stuck with a nonrefundable hotel room with those looking for a last minute, discounted accommodation. Using an automated validation system to authenticate each and every reservation on its marketplace, Roomer works vigilantly to ensure safety and security for all of its users, buyers and sellers alike. Since its founding in 2011, Roomer has come to the rescue of distressed travelers all over the world who were stuck with nonrefundable hotel reservations and used Roomer's secure platform to sell these reservations to spontaneous, deal-seeking travelers.

Roomer's unique marketplace serves more than just its individual users. Roomer also works with hotels and travel companies around the world to both expand their customer bases and to solve critical customer service problems relating to canceling guests with nonrefundable reservations.

Perks and Benefits
- 401k, Dental, Healthcare (self),
- Free Meals,

Current Openings

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