About Scality

Company Website: http://www.scality.com

Aiming for Disruption At Scality, we give freedom and control to people create value with data. Proven with 500 million users and 1 trillion objects, Scality delivers software-defined storage solutions since 2009. We are disrupting the industry to make unlimited, affordable storage accessible to everyone. This takes exceptional technology, along with exceptional people. War of Ideas We are a diverse team, representing more than 20 nationalities from over 10 countries, working from 7 global offices. We are looking for talented individuals who are energized by innovating, thinking big, focusing-in and teaming up; people who give and take constructive feedback for continuous learning and growth with the support of the company. We see limitless potential for each individual, and provide an environment where you will be constantly challenged to innovate and collaborate. For more information about the company, visit: www.scality.com or follow @Scality on Twitter.

Current Openings

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