About SchoolKeep

Company Website: http://www.schoolkeep.com

A learning platform built for the entire enterprise.

Today's learning management systems (LMS) are difficult to use. Built on old technologies, they forego user experience and lack up-to-date features like mobile access, which frustrates administrators and holds back learners. Not to mention, they involve complex installations with required maintenance contracts.

At SchoolKeep, we've changed all this. We've placed the learner at the center of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning platform, resulting in more effective and satisfying learning experiences.

We've also extended our platform beyond internal training. With SchoolKeep, you can efficiently train employees, customers and partners with a single solution. We make it easy to train customers on products, resellers on features and benefits, and service organizations on maintenance procedures.

Combined with our commitment to customer success, our platform enables businesses to push their training efforts into the future.

We've assembled a brilliant group of creative souls and curious minds dedicated to growing a platform that will help businesses grow. Passionate about online learning, professional development, customer training and cloud-based technology, we're unlocking your company’s potential, one feature at a time.

Current Openings

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