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Sales Director

Full Time

Scytale was started in 2017 by seasoned engineers from Amazon Web Services, Google, Okta, PagerDuty, Splunk, and Duo Security who want to help enterprise engineers securely and easily build identity-driven, large-scale distributed software systems. We are breathing life into some select ideas we saw unlock innovation and speed at not only these companies, but also at other large-scale, global Internet companies. With the rise of cloud computing, software "containers,"‚Äč and distributed, service-oriented engineering teams, software developers, IT operations managers, and security engineers are being challenged to operate effectively in an increasingly complex and fragmented enterprise IT environment. To help, we are building a set of distinct but well-integrated set of software components that enable disparate enterprise software systems to more easily and securely communicate with each other, even as said systems span across heterogeneous IT environments and platforms. We believe our deep commitment to building and maintaining open source software (OSS) combined with simple (but powerful) products that are usable will drive our success and create a sizeable and lasting impact. Our first step towards this end is the OSS project called SPIFFE (, which is catalyzing a standard, tooling, and an ecosystem around the concept of service identity.