About Sigma Ratings

Company Website: http://www.sigmaratings.com

Sigma Ratings is the world’s first non-credit rating agency focusing on financial crime and governance risk. We are driven by our mission to make the world a more open and transparent place by incentivizing and highlighting good corporate behavior. Powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm, we aggregate unique data points every day on thousands of entities in over 20 countries. By extracting data from both public and private sources, we deliver businesses previously unavailable, company-level insights on their counterparties. Our products empower our clients to differentiate their businesses and easily determine counterparty risk through dynamically generated company-level risk ratings. Born at MIT and headquartered in New York City, Sigma Ratings is supported by the one of the largest networks of entrepreneurs and engineering minds. Our team is tackling a massive compliance intelligence market with its expertise in government, finance, law, emerging markets, and computer science.

Current Openings

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