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VP of Sales

Greater New York City Area Full Time

Skubana manages all back-end e-commerce operations in one place, including order processing, shipping, inventory management, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), vendor management and cross channel analytics. It is truly everything a seller would need to build a successful and profitable business, no matter if you're selling on one channel or several. No longer will you be consumed with chasing after errors and overselling/underselling. Unified solution to control the entire e-commerce operation lifecycle without the need to glue together multiple softwares.How many platforms have you tried and then still had to supplement your workflow with spreadsheets? True Multi-Channel, Multi-Warehouse Inventory Synchronization in real time. - Don't be overwhelmed by endless amounts of spreadsheets to manage their business. - Inventory updates based on intelligent shipping zone & sales channel allocation rules. Intuitive Order & Returns Processing. - Routing orders to multiple warehouses, making shipping flexible no matter how a seller fulfills, including direct warehouse, 3PL (a company that provides warehousing services and logistics for your e-commerce), drop-shipping and FBA. - Batch ship & create customized packing slips, return labels and emails helping improve customer service and retention. Complete Vendor & Purchase Order Workflow. - Eliminate data entry errors with automated purchase order creation based on past product sell-through. - Replenish stock levels or dropship in just a few clicks. Cross-Channel Analytics offers marketplace insights to drive businesses forward. Figure out the most profitable channels and products. - Decide when to offload ill-performing inventory. We've been there before and we know the struggle. For brand new sellers on one channel, it's important to set the right foundation. For sellers selling on multiple marketplaces Skubana can help you organize your business and help you make the smart decisions to grow.

Job Description

Powering fulfillment, inventory, and business intelligence for the world's greatest brands and retailers, Skubana is the cutting-edge SaaS technology transforming commerce operations. Simply put, we are the operating system of commerce that runs the backend of modern retail. If you have recently bought something on Amazon or a Shopify website, there is a chance your order might have been fulfilled through Skubana. If you want to know the "magic" behind how modern commerce works from the moment the checkout button is clicked, you have come to the right place. Behind the technology are some pretty amazing people who solve challenging problems, build beautiful things, truly think outside the box, and genuinely love being around each other. We are constantly searching for likeminded individuals to join our team and our cause.

Skubana is currently looking for a VP of Sales to join and lead our sales division. You will spearhead the entire sales process from start to finish, build standards and methodologies upon which Skubana's sales infrastructure is run, help recruit the most talented salespeople in the world, and guide Skubana to unprecedented heights as we move to dominate the commerce landscape like no other operational software to date.

You will be supported by visionary founders, unrivaled resources, generous financial incentives, almost unfair tactical advantages, and most importantly, the best-of-breed software in commerce. In short, we are a special place with special people, and we are looking for a determined and capable leader to join our mission.


• Manage organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue and expense controls. • Meet and exceed ambitiously planned sales goals, metrics, and KPI's. • Set individual revenue targets with all sales teams. • Track sales goals and report results as necessary. • Oversee the activities and performance of the sales teams. • Coordinate with marketing in all relevant capacities. • Continuously train your salespeople. • Develop your sales team through motivation, counseling and product knowledge education. • Relentlessly promote the organization and products. • Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our product offerings.


• Bachelor's degree in business or related field. • Extensive experience selling SaaS. • Experience at scaling sales a software startup. • Clear evidence of rising through the ranks at previous companies. • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.