About Sparkbrowser

Company Website: http://sparkbrowser.org

Sparkbrowser is an enterprise scale software company based in Boston Massachusetts. Sparkbrowser produces high quality desktop applications, primarily web browsers. Sparkbrowser was founded in 2010 to create the most user friendly web browser. And that browser is set to launch in mid to late august of 2011. Sparkbrowser is currently in the development stage, and is closed source as far as contributions. In late 2010 Sparkbrowser has merged with Spark Software Group, as well as Free Software Group to combine efforts to launch the browser in August. As there is an exteremely untapped market as far as browsers go, Sparkbrowser is a pioneer in its respective field. Making leaps ahead of the competition as the only marketed For Profit premium web browser. Sparkbrowser was founded under the principles set forth by the Netscape project, that software should be paid for. And that generally, for profit software is better quality as there are greater resources available, and more attention can be paid to detail. Sparkbrowser has met many challenges over the past several months, however in anticipation of the launch in mid August we would like to apologize for the wait as this browser was expected to launch in march. We can honestly say that it has been worth the wait! The new browser is faster, and provides a preferred view of the web with new pre-fetching code to ignite speed and agility. As well as a redesigned SSL encryption script. Best regards from the Sparkbrowser Foundation, and we hope that this project has exposed the untapped market of web browsers, the most used application.

Current Openings

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