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Spire Technologies has recognized deepening disconnect between what organizations wanted to do, and what they were able to achieve. In spite of spending millions of dollars on technologies to help run efficient operations, most companies fell short on generating business intelligence relevant to ‘their’ context. This global phenomena took place due to a significant disconnect - Big Data within and outside organizations was being mined, but without the dimensions of a business context. Spire dreamt what the business world could look like if they could be 10X more efficient. This dream led to the development of a new base platform which could address existing gaps between the data and the context of organizations, and help bridge those gaps with fundamental technologies that generate contextual intelligence for businesses to realize their full potential. The framework of Spire Technologies centers around Big Data and Context. Context is about critical assumptions and rules that characterize the purpose, situation, and environment of a user holistically. Business context adds value to the Big Data (most importantly to unstructured Big Data) being mined leading to accurate and relevant inferences. Since 2008, Spire has developed its unique Context Intelligence Platform with initial application of its technologies in the area of People and Talent management – especially because there’s a significant and ever growing issue of dealing with unstructured data when one needs to make decisions related to People and Talent. The essence of this ‘industry-neutral’ platform is that it can be applied across a plethora of areas – Customer Relationship Management, Market Research, Financial Analysis, Credit Analysis, Fraud Intelligence, Logistics, Healthcare, Travel, Education, Retail, and more. The SpiroBot Big Data processing engine and contextual search platform can be applied as efficiently in B2C and C2C models as it has already been proven to provide >9X efficiency in B2B models. Our vision for the future is to unleash a wave of business transformation solutions that the world has never experienced before. Write to us for a demonstration to help you understand how Spire Technologies can bring unprecedented value to your business.

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