About SQLstream

Company Website: http://www.sqlstream.com

To do your job well, you need to capitalize on your data, all the time. But how can you make the right decisions when you're swimming in giant data lakes, whitewater flows of streaming data are coming at you, and you can only get insight one drop at a time? SQLstream solves the problem by bringing your business and all your data in one interactive streaming analytics platform. With SQLstream, you can make the best decisions when they are needed most, because we empower you to: • analyze all your data (structured and unstructured, in motion and at rest), • continuously (on-the-fly, while the systems are running), and • in real time (with millisecond latency). Our customers include IoT & Smart Cities, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Government, Cybersecurity, and cloud services. We partner across the landscape with companies like Oracle, Google, Cloudera, Teradata and more. And we pride ourselves on attracting the most capable and diverse talent in the industry.

Current Openings

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