About Stitch Labs

Company Website: http://stitchlabs.com

Stitch Labs is the leading operations management platform for modern, high-growth brands. Purpose built for today’s modern multi-channel brands, Stitch helps brands optimize their two most important assets: people and inventory. Our platform focuses on empowering the operations team to align with marketing, sales, and finance to execute on big ideas, quickly. Stitch offers advanced capabilities in five key areas of a brand's business: inventory management, order management, purchasing, fulfillment, and reporting and financials, as well as a full suite of consultative services by our in-house experts to help drive the business forward. With Stitch, modern brands gain the operational backbone they need to streamline and automate time-consuming tasks without losing the agility and flexibility to power rapid experimentation, innovation, and growth. To learn more visit www.stitchlabs.com or follow us on Instagram at @StitchLabs.

Current Openings

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