About Streak

Company Website: http://www.streak.com

Streak is the only CRM built entirely within your Gmail to help you get things done. Whether you want to close more deals, manage partnerships, or track support issues, Streak helps you focus on what matters most to your business - without ever leaving your inbox. According to Forrester Research, only 10% of CRM adoption is voluntary and 25-40% is forced. Streak’s end-user focused platform requires little to no training and is as easy to use as a Google Sheet. Since 2011, we have grown to 6000+ customers worldwide with industry leading companies customers such as Opendoor, Uber, Atlassian, Logitech, Rappi, and Keller Williams. Our premier partnership with Google ensures we work closely with their team to deliver complete integration with current and future Google products. Learn more at www.streak.com

Current Openings

Streak has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.