About Stride Consulting

Company Website: http://www.stridenyc.com

Stride is an Agile software development consultancy in NYC. We embed and colocate with tech teams (like Plated, The Daily Beast, Equinox, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gust, Intent Media) to help you be your best. Think of us as Agile SWAT teams. We partner highly skilled Agile developers with your dev team. As a result, we leverage the skills of your entire team and help you improve code quality and your Agile process in perpetuity. Whether you seek process refinement (TDD, Refactoring, Tech Debt, Estimates, Continuous Delivery, etc) or need to get high quality code out the door to launch your MVP, Stride is here to help.

Current Openings

Stride Consulting has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.