About Superpedestrian

Company Website: http://superpedestrian.com

Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company located in Cambridge, Mass. Founded out of MIT and beginning operations in 2013, Superpedestrian develops core technologies for micro-mobility. The company invested 3.5 years in research and development to produce its Vehicle Intelligence technology, which it introduced into the market in 2017 with its award-winning Copenhagen Wheel. Having set a new standard in electric bike drive systems, the company now brings its Vehicle Intelligence technology to shared fleets of electric bikes and scooters. Our first product, the Copenhagen Wheel, is the first human-enhancing transportation technology available to the mass market. Almost any bike can be equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel, which senses the rider’s motions and amplifies their pedaling power by up to 10 times using the drive system embedded within the sleek red hub. With the explosion of micromobility demand we have developed a transformative set of electric vehicles for large shared fleets. Combining rigorous vehicle design with self-sustaining capabilities and minimal battery charging needs, the new scooters are safer, sturdier, and cost a fraction to maintain. Superpedestrian’s solution addresses the most pressing problems faced today by operators, which experience significant barriers to scale due to low reliability and high operational costs of fleets.

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